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Our company boasts an impressive record for recycling with almost zero material wastage. Any cardboard that cannot be used for new product is converted in to animal bedding by ecobale Ltd on site. We actively encourage customers to use recycled material where ever possible.

We have efficient equipment and are always looking at environmentally friendly ways to run our business.

Click here to visit our recycling partner company ecobale Ltd.

Cardboard Pads & Fittings

We specialise in producing scored fittings and layer pads all styles and sizes, in large or small quantities.

Corrugated Divisions

We specialise in the manufacturing and assembling of corrugated divisions. All styles and sizes, in large or small quantities.

Die Cut Fitments & Cartons

We offer a fast, reliable competitive die-cutting service and have the ability to produce many different styles of die-cut cartons and fittings.